Meetings In Being - Satsang Meditation & Open Inquiry with Greg Marian
The Toolbox for Awakening & Embodiment
A 4 Week Online Course

Course Outline

Session 1- The Essence and Practice of True Meditation
Thurs Sept 17, 2015 ~ 7-9pm PST

Session 2 - The Essence and Practice of Self Inquiry and Inquiry into our emotional contractions 
Thurs Sept 24, 2015 ~ 7-9pm PST

Session 3 - The Importance of Clearing, Releasing, and Body Centered Practices
Thurs Oct 1, 2015 ~ 7-9pm PST

Session 4 - The Power of Presence and Satsang - The Integration of Practice and Realization
Thurs Oct 8, 2015  ~ 7-9pm PST

Every week you will receive

*  2+ hour Tele-Satsang session
- includes a guided meditation, a talk on the week’s topic, and lots of time and space for questions, dialogue, and inquiry
*  MP3 recordings of each week’s Tele-Satsang and meditation
*  MP3 recording of a 15-20 min guided meditation that teaches a  simple meditation technique
*  MP3 recording of a 15-20 min guided inquiry practice that helps guides you into Presence
*  MP3 recording of a 15-20 min guided clearing and releasing practice
*  Weekly suggested clearing and releasing practices
*  Weekly writing contemplation, journalling, or creativity exercises
*  A Private Facebook page for course participants
- allows you to interact with others in the course and connect, discuss, share, and support each other

Course Investment – sliding scale $80-160*
*Please note*the intention is to make this course as available to people as possible.  If you would like to be part of this course but finances are an issue for you, scholarships are being offered.  Please contact Greg at for more information.

An Invitation into this Course by Greg

Dear Friends

I want to thank all of you who tuned into the recent 3 week Tele-Satsang series on Embodiment.  Overall it was a great success and I was truly touched by the response.  Over the 3 weeks nearly 50 people tuned into the calls, and there have been numerous requests for the recordings by people who couldn't make it.  It was lovely to discover that people from so many places tuned in and helped to expand and create a vibrant online satsang community.  In response to all the requests for the recordings, I have made the meditations, talks, and satsang dialogues available for people.  They are available by donation and can be downloaded or listened to online from the Audio page.  Thank you to everyone who took part in Tele-Satsang Series, and for all your lovely emails of support, your encouragement, your generous donations, and your offers of help.  I am truly touched by all your love and support!

The heartwarming response to the Tele-Satsang series has encouraged me to create a 4 week Tele-Satang course which I've entitled “Toolbox of Awakening and Embodiment”.  I’ve decided to create a course on this topic because I have been asked by many people over the years to share practices and techniques that are effective in helping one awaken to and embody their True Nature.  Although my core message includes the invitation and possibility to directly awaken to our True Nature in this very moment, I have repeatedly seen that having a regular spiritual practice can be incredibly helpful in both our awakening, as well as our integration and embodiment process.  In this course I will be offering techniques and practices in a way that will make them accessible to people regardless of where they are in their awakening journey.  If you don’t currently have a meditation, inquiry, releasing/clearing, body centered/movement, journalling, contemplative, or other type of spiritual practice, I will offer simple yet effective practices that will allow you to develop a regular meditation and spiritual practice that you can carry forth into your life.

If you already have a spiritual practice, I will be presenting the techniques in a way that can help clarify and re-focus your attention, intention, and energy in ways that can more effectively align your practice towards spiritual awakening.  Having had a consistent meditation/sitting practice for the last 15 years and having met with hundreds of people on the awakening journey over the years, I’ve repeatedly seen the benefits of a regular practice, as well as engaging different techniques from time to time, including after a spiritual shift and awakening that has allowed the state of Witnessing and Resting as Awareness becomes more effortless.  In fact many of the techniques I will be offering came to my awareness after profound shifts had set my awakening process into motion.  Having had an openness and interest in trying out many tools and techniques along the way, while continually relaxing the sense of effort and control, has allowed me to discover what I like to call ‘natural inquiry’, which is a moment to moment, effortless and intuitive unhooking of our experience from the level of our Beingness or Presence.  Although it becomes more effortless over time, I have found that using skillful effort and attention at the right time helps quicken the process, and helps to prevent us for getting caught in the common pitfalls, points of fixations, and trappings that are part of the spiritual unfoldment.

I and other direct path teachers like Adyashanti often share that the core practices of the direct path to awakening are meditation and inquiry.  Because I see that the ultimate fruition of these practices is not simply in the culmination of a peak experience and recognition of our True Nature, but instead a more abiding, stable, and embodied Awakening, on some level there is no end to spiritual practice that reflects the essential nature of our Awake state.  I ultimately define meditation as Abiding as our True Nature, and as such, even in the fully awake state, there is no end to this sort of practice.  After awakening, the practice begins to lose its seeking and striving quality, and instead simply becomes an expression of our True Nature, and the foundation for an unending curiosity and exploration of what is.  We discover that Awake, Aware, Presence is accessible and available in more and more dynamic situations, especially 'off the meditation cushion'  so to speak, and is less and less dependent upon the quality of our internal experience.

I ultimately define inquiry as curiosity, and as such, there is also no end to the moment to moment recognition of who we truly are, and of continuously embracing our arising experience, and the mysterious unfolding of Life as it is. The other auxiliary practices that I will be offering support and uphold these underlying core practices and values, and seek to show the importance of taking care of our human bodies and energy systems, developing healthy human relationships, and living our human lives in skillful and common sense ways, as opposed to being exclusively focused on the Absolute nature of our Being.  My core intention and guidance related to spiritual practice is a movement from effort to effortlessness, from willful effort to fluidity and flow, and from focus and a sense of knowingness, to a relaxed, softening, and opening into complete Unknowingness.  Keep in mind that when I speak and connect with people however, I will continue to try and meet people where they are at in the moment, so the inquires and dialogues won't necessarily need to be related to the content of the week's topic, only what is alive and arising in your experience.

Although I’ve created a simple structure for the Tele-course to be centered around spiritual practice, and will be offering different techniques and practices to help support one’s awakening unfoldment, having a meditation practice or being called to engage in a regular spiritual practice isn't necessary to be part of the course.  As the pointers, topics, and practices are relevant and related to the spiritual awakening process in general, and the discovery of more freedom, peace, love, creativity, and joy in our lives, people can engage the practices to whatever degree they would like.  Beyond exploring the essence and practice of effective spiritual techniques, an underlying intention is to simply come together in community, and to offer our support, our Presence, our Love, and our Wisdom with each other as we walk together more deeply into the state of Freedom and Awakened Living. 

To enhance this sense of community and connection, a private Facebook page will be offered for participants in the course.  This will be a forum for you to share your insights and challenges, and to share support, understanding, and compassion with others in the group as we move forward on this journey together.  As many people I know have been feeling the call to express the Truth that they know, but are feeling a bit awkward or unsure about themselves in this regard, the page will also be a place to share your deepest insights and realizations in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment.  I will be offering deepening questions and contemplative/creativity exercises each week, and this will also be a place for people to share, express, discuss, and support each other’s inquiry, curiosities, explorations, challenges, and practice.

The course will consist of 4 weekly Tele-satsang sessions of 2+ hours each, which will begin with a short guided meditation, followed by a talk related to the week’s topic, then plenty of time to dialogue, explore, and inquire into what is arising for you in the moment.  If you are unable to attend the session live, or would like to listen to them again, audio recordings of the sessions will be available for people in the course to download and listen to at your leisure, with any long periods of silence edited out for your listening ease.  Each week you will also receive an audio recording of a 15-20 min guided meditation practice where I will share a simple meditation technique with you.  You will also receive a 15-20 min guided inquiry practice that will help you unhook and untangle yourself from your experience, and guide you into the experience of open Space and Presence.  I will also be offering another clearing and releasing meditation that will invite a deeper letting go of conditioned patterns and energies.

Each week I will also offer different inquiry, clearing, and releasing practices, as well as deepening questions, contemplative/journalling exercises, and creative expression exercises.  Like everything in course, you can go at your own pace, and can engage with the course materials as much as you like.  The structure is there to support you and offer the opportunity for you to engage the practices as much or as little as you like, as well as to have the opportunity to connect with and receive the support of others as much as you like.  As the practices and tele-satsangs will be recorded, you can listen to them afterwords even if you are unable to attend the sessions live.  For those who would like to take their process even deeper, I will also be offering discounts on private sessions to people in the course.

My intention is to make this course as applicable and relevant to people as I can, as as such I am asking a small favor from you.  I would greatly appreciate if you could take the time to share your most pressing challenges, struggles, or areas of difficulty in your life which you'd like me to address in the upcoming tele-course, and I will try my best to include it in the course.  Any other feedback in this regard would also be very helpful and appreciated, regardless of whether you take the course, as would any other ideas and suggestions for topics for future courses.  Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with me. 

I look forward to walking together with you in this upcoming Tele-Course, and hope you join me on this journey.

With Love and Blessings