Meetings In Being - Non-dual Satsang & Presence-Centered Life Coaching & Counseling
Session Package Discounts

Greg offers discounted session packages when purchased in advance.  Discounts are also offered on his 3 online courses with a session packages, which can be done at or your own pace, or can be used between sessions to deepen your work done within the sessions, and as a support to help you integrate your experience into your everyday life.  Partial scholarships and payment options are available if needed, and referral discounts are also offered.  Please find more information in the section below or email Greg for details.   You can book in your session directly at the link below.   See the Free Discovery Session page for more available times.

Regular Session Rate
All prices are in CAN funds
Sliding scale - $70-110/60 min or $95-140/90 min
First session of 2019 - $30-60/60 min or $45-90/90 min

Session Packages

3 - 60 min Sessions - $179 ($60/hr)
3 - 90 min Sessions - $247 ($55/hr)
* 50% off any online course with a 3 session package
6 - 60 min Sessions - $329 ($55/hr)
6 - 90 min Sessions - $449 ($50/hr)
* Awakening Practice Tools or The Embodiment Process course free,
and 75% off the Self Love course with a 6 Session package
9 - 60 min Sessions
10th session free - $449 ($45/hr)
9 - 90 min Sessions
10th session free - $599 ($40/hr)
* Any online course free with a 9 Session package


Partial scholarships are available for anyone who needs them.  The scholarship process is easy and simple, please email Greg for details. 

Community Referral Program

 A major way that people find out about Greg is through word of mouth, and he appreciates when you let your friends and family know about his offerings.  A $10 referral credit is offered to you for each person you refer for private session work with Greg.  This can be used towards your own sessions, or for online courses.  Please tell your friends to mention your name when they schedule their session.