Meetings In Being - Presence-Centered Life Coaching, Counselling, & Non-dual Satsang
Presence-Centered Counselling

                          **New Year's Special**
For a limited time Greg is offering your first session of 2019 at the reduced sliding scale of $30-60 for a 60 min session (or $45-90 for a 90 min session).  You can book in your session on the 'Free Discovery Session' page.
Greg offers Presence-Centered Counseling for people who would like to address their psychological difficulties within the context of their spirituality and awakening to their True Nature.  His counseling work is deeply influenced by body-centered, empirically validated, & trauma sensitive therapies, including Internal Family Systems (IFS), Somatic Experiencing (SE), Clinical EFT, Energy Psychology, and Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) resourcing.  His counseling sessions are always grounded in the Presence of our True Nature, integrating his own direct experiences of Awakening and healing from trauma, as well as his vast knowledge and experience within several meditation and spiritual traditions.

Greg has a psychology degree and has worked professionally as a family counselor for over 5 years.  He received specialized training in trauma dynamics, conscious communication, conflict resolution, & de-escalation techniques.  He's trained as a professional Life Coach, and has over 15 years combined experience offering life coaching and counseling sessions, meditation & inquiry retreats, and online courses.  He brings this knowledge and expertise into Counseling sessions as needed.  Having endured severe childhood abuse, Greg brings a deep level of compassion and empathy to people who have survived abuse, neglect, & trauma in their own lives. 

Having had over 15 years of deep inner work within various individual and group psychotherapies gives him an even greater experiential understanding of the unique challenges and difficulties related to healing from developmental trauma.  Greg recognizes that the trauma healing process is also inherently a deeply spiritual process, and supports people's unfoldment in both of these dimensions, within whichever psycho-spiritual context is meaningful to them.  

Presence-Centered counseling sessions also include 5-10 min of shared Silent sitting before the session begins, to help deepen the quality and focus of the sessions.  Sessions are offered by phone/online, and discounted session packages are available.  If you're interested in having Counseling sessions with Greg, or wonder if they'd be a good fit for you, feel free to email him with any questions. 

Some Common Areas of Focus

Although all areas of life can be addressed in Counseling sessions with Greg, some common areas of focus include:

*   Issues related to anxiety, depression, insomnia, poor concentration, & brain fog
*   Trauma, abuse, neglect, & the unique issues of healing from developmental trauma
*   Relationship challenges, conflicts, & wounds, and setting healthy boundaries
*   Issues related to grief, loss, bereavement, life transitions, or a lifetime of unmourned griefs
*   Difficulties related to your work, life purpose, or in expressing your creative heart and soulful nature
*   Issues related to kundalini energy, Empath/HSP sensitivity, & nervous system dys-regulation