Meetings In Being - Presence-Centered Life Coaching, Counselling, & Non-dual Satsang
Presence-Centered Life Coaching
                     **New Year's Special**
For a limited time Greg is offering your first session of 2019 at the reduced sliding scale of $30-60 for a 60 min session (or $45-90 for a 90 min session).  You can book in your session on the 'Free Discovery Session' page.
Greg is a Strategic Intervention (SI) professional life coach and graduate of the Robbins-Madanes Training, having completed the renowned RMT Core 100 professional life coach training program under Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha.  His life Coaching sessions integrate the vast body of proven and time tested tools, strategies, and practical knowledge taught in this program, with the grounded Presence and Stillness of our True Nature.  Greg's Life Coaching sessions are always led and informed by each person's unique life situations, their heart's deepest yearning, life purpose or soul calling, & all the things which they would like more of in their life.

All the issues, challenges, and obstacles in a person's life can be effectively addressed by understanding the underlying human needs that motivate all of our actions.  From this place of clarity, simple and practical strategies and actions can be applied and implemented, to help shift our mindset, emotional state, and focus.  As such, all areas of life can be addressed in Life Coaching sessions, helping to bring you closer to whatever your heart truly desires, and what is the most important and valuable to you. 

Greg also has a psychology degree with more than 5 years experience working as a family counselor, and over 10 years experience as a Non-dual facilitator and coach.  He intuitively integrates all these skills and expertise as needed to best support your growth, healing, and evolution.  As many people's blocks and challenges are related to past experiences and wounds, whatever arises in coaching sessions is welcomed and given all the time and space that it needs to be processed and healed.  The direction and scope of the coaching is always led by each person's unique needs, interests, and difficulties. 

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a profession that addresses issues and goals in your life, work, relationships, and health, etc by examining what’s going on for you right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges are, and formulating a course of action to brings you closer to where you want to be.  The coaching relationship is a synergistic alliance between coach and client which continually empowers you, as you are the only person who knows what’s best and right for you.  Life coaching entails asking the right questions, engaging in powerful conversations, and offering effective tools and techniques to help you find the right answers within yourself. 

Life coaching with Greg helps you learn how to make choices that create a more effective, balanced, and fulfilling life, & helps connect your head and heart in a way that transforms your passions and dreams into actions for your life.  He helps you to view your life situation from different, objective perspectives, reframes things in constructive ways, and sheds new light on difficult situations.  Active listening , reflective questioning, and creative brainstorming are used to help you find more clarity, keep you inspired and focused on your highest intentions and aspirations, and bring you closer to actualizing your full potential.

Coaching sessions focus on the present moment, what things are already working for you, and on creating what you want more of in the future.  Greg will support you through the change and integration process, and help you to break things down into simple, actionable steps which will ensure your ongoing success.  Each person is always in control of the coaching's focus, and his purpose is to support, uplift, and support you in attaining whatever you truly want. 

Life Coaching sessions also include 5-10 min of optional shared silent meditation before the session time begins, to help deepen the quality and focus of the sessions.  Sessions are offered by phone/online, and discounted session packages are available.  If you're interested in having sessions with Greg, or wonder if they would be a good fit for you, feel free to email him with any questions. 

Some Common Areas of Focus

Although all areas of life can be addressed in Life Coaching sessions with Greg, some common areas of focus include:

*   Finding more joy, aliveness, passion, happiness, & freedom in your life
*   Life purpose, clarifying your highest intent and values, & expressing your divine gifts
*   Finding deeper connection in relationships, conscious communication, fostering self-love, & developing emotional intelligence
*   Mind-body health & addressing chronic conditions, energetic health & hygiene, & developing more wellness in your life
*  Spirituality, creativity, awakening to your True Nature, & embodying your Heart’s deepest yearning
*  Transcending limiting core beliefs, living your full potential, & embracing your inner authority