Meetings In Being - Embodiment Process Course
Meetings In Being - Satsang Meditation & Open Inquiry with Greg Marian
The Embodiment Conversation
An Exploration of the Deepening Dimensions of Spiritual Awakening
A 4 Week Online Course
4 Thurs - Feb 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2016 - 7-9pm PST

An Audio Invitation into this Tele-Course by Greg
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Course Outline
(find an extended course outline and a personal invitation by Greg below)

Session 1- The Awakening of Mind
Opening into the Clear Space of Unbounded Awareness

Session 2 - The Awakening of the Heart
Opening into Oneness, Unity Consciousness,
and the Unbounded Field of Loving Presence

Session 3 - The Awakening of the Belly, Body, and Root
Opening into the Profound Presence and Absolute
Absence of Deep Silence and Emptiness

Session 4 - The Awakening of the Relational Field
Discovering how to Embody & Relate from Presence, Love, and Truth

Each week you will receive:

*  A 2+ hour Tele-Satsang session
- includes a guided meditation, a talk on the week’s topic, and plenty of time for questions, dialogue, inquiry, and exploration
*  MP3 recordings of each week’s Tele-Satsang Session
- to listen again at your convenience, or if you are unable to attend the session in person
*  2 - MP3 Guided Meditations, Guided Inquiry, or Guided Clearing/Releasing sessions related to each week's topic
*  Weekly written inquiry, journaling, or creativity exercises
*  The opportunity to email questions to Greg

Course Investment – $80-160*

*Please note*The intention is to make this course as available to people as possible.  If you would like to be part of this course but finances are an issue for you, scholarships and payment plans are being offered.  For more information or to register, please email Greg at [email protected]

Extended Course Outline
Session 1 - The Awakening of Mind
Opening into the Clear Space of Unbounded Awareness

In this session we will address such topics as developing the Witnessing Perspective, the practice of Self Inquiry, utilizing the question ‘Who/What Am I?’, the practice of Resting as Awareness, learning to dis-identify from thoughts and the thinking mind, isolating pure Awareness from the objects of our experience, deconstructing our experience into its fundamental components, identifying the fundamental experience of the ‘I’ or ‘I Am-ness’, recognizing what we are when we are only being aware, the limitations of transcendence, recognizing the ever present Observing Witness, and exploring how True Nature flows through the mind as Clarity, the quality of Omniscience, and the boundless dimensions of Stillness, Spaciousness, and Presence. 

Questions being explored will include what is True Meditation?, what is the difference between concentration and meditation?, how can I unhook my Awareness from the flow of thoughts and emotions?, do you need to respond to the thinking mind?, who or what actually wakes up?, is knowing what you are not the same as knowing who you are?, what about yourself has always been with you?, is recognizing yourself as the Observing Witness the ultimate non-dual realization?, does spiritual practice end with spiritual awakening?, and what does the experience of Awakened Mind or the Transcendent Witness feel like?
Session 2 - The Awakening of the Heart
Opening into Oneness, Unity Consciousness,
and the Unbounded Field of Loving Presence

In this session will address such topics as the perception of the Unity with all things or Oneness, the liberating qualities of Unconditional Love and Presence, the divine qualities of the Spiritual Heart (Acceptance, Gratitude, Compassion, Divine Intimacy, Service, Devotion, Forgiveness, Creativity, Worship, etc), the willingness and courage to welcome and allow whatever is arising in us, being and dealing with painful emotions, why being with something at the highest degree is allowing it to be exactly as it is, the importance of cultivating self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance, utilizing Prayer and Gratitude as a practice of Surrender, Devotion, and Letting Go/Releasing, the importance of developing our devotional nature and our tolerance for uncomfortable emotions, seeing and feeling thoughts and emotions as energy patterns, freeing thought and emotional patterns as an act of Compassion, the importance of developing the internal qualities of softness, gentleness, openness, and an innocent curiosity, and exploring how True Nature flows through the heart as Love, the quality of Omnipresence, and the Fullness of Divine Feeling. 

Questions being explored will include, what does it mean to ‘open to emotions’ from the Observing Witness?, what is meant by 'Resting in the Heart’?, how do I work with repetitive emotional patterns?, what is the difference between transcending emotion and allowing or deeply feeling emotion?, what is the difference between opening to emotion and indulging in emotion?, how do conditioned emotional patterns unwind and release out of our system?, what is 'Inquiry of the Heart'?, what is the ‘razor’s edge’ of allowing/feeling emotion, and projection/unconscious expression?, what is meant by 'Love coming back for Itself'?, and what does the experience of Awakened Heart or Oneness feel like? 
Session 3 - The Awakening of the Belly, Body, and Root
Opening into the Profound Presence and Absolute
Absence of Deep Silence and Emptiness

In this session we will address such topics as embodying and deeply feeling Presence in the belly and body, the importance of identifying our repetitive core beliefs and patterns, meeting existential fear, the ‘limbo zone’ and the dissolving of the personal will, the importance of seeing core beliefs as energetic and somatic phenomena, recognizing the body as an emotional and energetic transmutation vehicle, developing our Presence muscle, navigating the energy flows of life, the importance of energetic clearing and releasing, using the somatic field of the body as a portal into Presence, the Fullness and Emptiness of Stillness, the unthawing and unwinding of our heart, body, and belly, opening to both our light and dark aspects, moving through life as Presence, discovering the stillpoint inside of the hurricane of powerful emotions, whatever you resist persists, embodying the state of Flow, the dissolving of the seeking energy, not fixating in any perspective, letting go of control, living in the unknown and the state of ‘I don’t know’, why healing is an essential part of the Embodiment Process and our integration, and exploring how True Nature flows through the belly as True Expression, the quality of Omnipotence, and the Divinity of the body. 

Questions being explored will include how can the body be used as a portal into Presence?, how can the body and breath be used to unwind and transmute core patterns of thought and emotion?, what are the fundamental qualities that hold identity together?, why are creative expression and the expressive arts helpful in learning to embody and express our True Nature?, what is prior to/beyond the sense of 'I Am-ness', Consciousness, and identity?, what is waking down, in, and through?, what dies and what has never been born?, how does the primal qualities of aliveness and creativity of our True Nature show up in our bodies and life?, what is the ‘moving/action centre’?, why is being your human self and expressing your individual uniqueness so important?, and what does the experience of no-self feel like?
Session 4 - The Awakening of the Relational Field
Discovering how to Embody & Relate from Presence, Love, and Truth

In this session we will address such topics as Recognizing Presence in challenging situations, the ‘I got it, I lost it' phenomena, the importance of seeing liberation as 'moment to moment freedom' as opposed to a peak experience, recognizing our life as an unending Living Inquiry and exploration, the necessity of spiritual and interpersonal autonomy, the importance of the qualities of integrity, authenticity, transparency, and honesty, why staying awake in life is an interpersonal phenomena, why Truth needs to supersede our personal wants and conditioning, the need of embodying both our gentleness and our fierceness, functional relating with clarity of purpose, the rewiring of our energy and nervous system, the unwinding of the deep unconscious, why making mistakes is way that we learn to embody our True Nature, recognizing your entire being as a sensitive sensing organ of the Infinite, recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary, seeing challenges as opportunities for our deepening, the disorientation of losing our world as we knew it, having less space place to hide, the necessity of finding a dynamic integration of Clarity and Compassion with both our Transcendent and human natures, and exploring how True Nature flows into relationship as Divine Intimacy, Unconditional Love, and an endless, inspired Revelation. 

Questions being explored will include what does it mean to be simultaneously detached and engaged?, why are innocence, trust, and feeling safe so important in our embodiment process and in relationship?, what does it mean to ‘lean into life’?, what does it feel like to move, act, and relate from a place beyond mind?, what is the difference between our love for Truth and our willing to see what’s untrue?, what is meant by 'the truth of the moment’?, what are the ways that we ‘un-enlighten’ ourselves?, why are earnestness and a commitment to Truth so important?, what is the ‘sacred thread’ of Awakened Relating?, what is the relationship between our internal and interpersonal worlds?, ‘what would Love do?’, how do our deepest realizations translate into this moment?, what is being ‘clean and clear’?, and what does connecting, interacting, and speaking with another in and from Presence, Love, and Truth feel like? 
Some Common Q&A's

Is there a registration deadline? 

You are welcome to register right up until the start date of Thurs Feb 4, but you will be able to access the first week's resources early if you register sooner.  As the sessions will be recorded, and the recordings and course materials will be downloadable, it's possible for you to join in at any time.  Once you register, all the necessary information will be sent to you.

I can’t attend all the Tele-course sessions in person but would like to keep up with the Course.  When will the recordings be available? 

The MP3 recordings of the sessions will be available to course participants within 2 days with any longer pauses edited out for listening convenience.  Each week two MP3 guided meditations and other course materials will become available as well.  In the past some course participants haven’t been able to attend any of the sessions in person because of schedule conflicts, or because time zone differences made the sessions quite late, and have participated solely by listening to the recordings.  To accommodate for this situation, people are welcome to email their questions to Greg.

Is the course offered through skype? 

The Tele-course is offered through a tele-conference service where each course participant calls into a central number.  People are welcome to call in with any phone, or with an internet service like skype.  The main number is a US number so long distance charges may apply, but for people who don’t have a long distance plan on their phone, a convenient option would be to get a long distance subscription with skype.  Unlimited Can/US subscriptions are available for only $3 a month.

I often can’t formulate things into a question, but would still like to dialogue with Greg. 

This is a common occurrence for people, especially when we are in the energy field of satsang, which can quiet the mind.  Greg's invitation would be to just reach out and connect with him, and trust that we will be taken exactly where we need to go.  All that is needed is a curious interest and openness to what wants to unfold, and where the inquiry wants to take us.  Some of the most rich and useful dialogues have occurred when people simply connected with Greg without a question, but with an interest to explore and inquire.  In the process of the dialogue, the conversation was guided towards what was needing attention and Presence.  Whatever people bring up and share is incredibly universal, so don’t ever feel like you are taking up other people’s time.  It’s all important and everything that is shared is much more relevant and helpful to others than you may think.

My finances are very restricted at the moment.  Is it still possible for me to participate in the course? 

Yes.  Greg can appreciate this situation which is why he offers his events with a sliding scale.  Some other options are also available to make the course more available to everyone who is interested, including offering one’s donation in installments.  Course scholarships are available as well, email for more details.
A personal invitation into this Tele-Course by Greg

Dear Friends

I’d like to send a heartfelt invitation for you to join me in my upcoming Tele-Course and be part of an Exploration and Living Inquiry into a topic that is truly dear to me.  The Embodiment Process and the Journey after Spiritual Awakening is truly a Sacred Unfoldment, and could be described as the actual process of how the Divine wakes us in us, dissolves our limited ways of being, and expresses Itself into the world.  Regardless of how small or brief you may feel your experience of the Divine has been for you, I invite you to let go of your ideas about that for a moment, and open to the potential that this topic is more relevant to you than you may imagine.  As much as the mind and ego cover it up, our True Nature has always been with us, and as such we have all already had experiences of our deepest Essence if we have recognized it a such or not.  The process of Awakening is always happening and our True Nature is continually attempting to reveal Itself to us, regardless of whether we are consciously on a spiritual path.  Spiritual Awakening is simply a process of Remembering the deepest level of who and what we have always been, and although there are an endless number of facets and expressions to our True Nature, at its most fundamental level we are all One.

As natural and intrinsic this Unfoldment is to our personal and collective life, the Embodiment process is often misunderstood, and at times can cause disorientation and confusion as we try to navigate a landscape of experiences and realizations that rarely fits into our ideas and expectations of what Spiritual Awakening is supposed to be.  As our Awakening Journey unfolds and our system re-orientates to a new way of Being and of experiencing life, we can run into some common challenges, areas of fixation, and at times may even feel alone and misunderstood as we begin experiencing life in a way that isn’t always shared by our family and friends.  It’s my hope that this Tele-Course will offer the space for us all to come together and share support and understanding of this Unfoldment with each other, and recognize how universal and natural this Process actually is.  Beyond the challenges though, the Awakening and Embodiment Process contains an immense array of beauty, love, joy, contentment, peace, aliveness, profundity, and an unimaginable degree of nuance and refinement.  The mutual enjoyment, celebration, honoring, and recognition of each other’s Awakenings, successes, and awe inspiring moments is definitely one of the main aims that I hope this Course will offer people.

Over the years I have come to recognize that the Embodiment Process follows 2 main tracts.  The first tract is what we are used to hearing about and focuses on the spiritual realizations and insights that come to us through our direct experiences.  This tract focuses upon the shifts and changes in our consciousness, in our perspectives, in the perception of our sense of self, and in the rarified insights and affirmations of our True Nature that flow out of this Recognition.  Many of the Insights have become time honored spiritual teachings and pointers.  The other tract of the Embodiment Process is spoken about less and focuses more upon the transformative aspects of the Unfoldment, addressing the actual changes in our lived experience, what it looks and feels like for our Divine Realizations to intimately come in contact and engage our everyday human life and relationships.  The tract is much more humanly grounded, gritty, and real, as it addresses the actual changes, challenges, and transformations that people can go through as their Awakening becomes more deeply integrated into their lives, relationships, and their entire way of Being in the world.  In essence this area deals more with the integration of our spiritual experiences into the everyday moments of our life, and the ways our lives are transformed, rewired, and rebirthed.

I feel it’s important to bring attention to both areas of the Embodiment Process as they invariably show up for people, whether we are prepared for it or not.  As a teacher I am most interested in what actually works and is helpful to people, and what helps facilitate people in integrating, grounding, and embodying what they know and Realize in deeper and deeper ways.  I feel it’s very important to have a clear context of the landscape of the deepening dimensions of our Spiritual Awakening and Realization, as this helps us to find a kind of orientation for an unfolding series of experiences that transcends our normal way of experiencing and understanding our self and our world.  I have found immense utility in the context of the Awakening of the Head, Heart, and Gut/Body which the spiritual teacher Adyashanti and other traditions have explored, partly because it describes my own experience so clearly, and partly because this context also addresses the process of integration, transformation, and re-orientation that we are bound to go through.  Because this context is based in actual direct experience, it has revealed an immense utility to me as a teaching tool, and continues to help many people find orientation and understanding for their transcendent experiences and realizations. 

I have found that the context of the Awakening of the Head, Heart, and Gut not only describes a certain shift in identity/consciousness and one’s perspective and relationship to their self and world, it also points toward a certain level of spiritual practice that can unfold, especially in one’s practice after spiritual awakening.  My Tele-Course ‘Toolbox for Awakening’ was more focused on the relationship between spiritual practice and spiritual awakening, but elements of this will invariably be included in this course.  A large part of my teaching work focuses on demystifying the spiritual awakening process and clarifying what the actual experience is like, as well as addressing the changes and transformations that infuse our everyday life and relationships.  I’m interested in ‘whatever works’ for people, and as such try to work with people’s existing inclinations and interests, and encourage people to engage in practices that help make their embodiment and integration more easeful and smooth.  I invite an honest, mature, and sober exploration of our lives before and after awakening, and put more value in what’s actually happening and helpful for people than rigidly holding onto spiritual concepts, ideas, or tradition. 

The exploration of this context of Awakening and Embodiment continues to refine and blossom with my own flavors and nuances, and continues to be evolved by each meeting and conversation that I have with people who are experiencing this process for themselves.  The way I speak about the transformational aspect of the Embodiment Process has emerged and evolved through deeply listening, exploring, and supporting many people going through their own awakening and embodiment process, and discovering what has been the most helpful and functional for them.  My own interest and background in psychology and the emotional healing process continues to inform the ways which I connect with people, largely because I find that failing to do so leaves a huge gap in people’s actual lived experience.  My interest in articulating and sharing what the experience of Awakening and Embodiment ‘feels like from the inside’ has likewise been brought forth in me by people’s specific needs, challenges, questions, inquiries, and sharings.

I often feel that the way I teach and share changes depending upon whether it is focused upon ‘waking up and out’ or ‘waking down and in’.  The ‘up and out’ movement is the essence of most spiritual teachings and focuses upon transcending and breaking our identification with the mind and body.  The ‘down and in’ movement is focused upon the integration and embodiment of these Awakenings and Realizations in our everyday life and relationships, and into the very mind and body that we initially transcended.  When I connect with people where there is a deeper degree of Awakening and Recognition, I feel the energy of the dialogue between us changes, and what arises is what I like to call the ‘Embodiment Conversation’.  This Conversation and Exploration is less focused upon pointing towards something that the other person hasn’t already experienced to some degree, but instead becomes a type of confirmation, validation, grounding, and integration of what someone is already seeing and experiencing.  I have discovered this quality of Conversation and Exploration to be incredibly important in not only my own unfoldment, but also in the many people that I have connected with over the years.  I have found that there is a mysterious and powerful quality in mutually Meeting, Exploring, and Recognizing each other in and as our True Nature that has a profound quality of integration and embodiment for people.  Because this Living Inquiry is fueled by what is alive for people in the moment, I have come to recognize that this ‘Conversation’ has a Living Energy and Intelligence in it that reveals, transforms, and refines what the next chapter of where our Embodiment Journey will be.  Through our Listening and Conversation, the potential unfolds for us both to step into and express the flowing Intelligence of our True Nature, allowing us to access and interact from our own innate Wisdom and Love in real time. 

Because our True Nature is always already what we are, this ‘Embodiment Conversation’ can be understood and will resonate with everyone on some level, regardless of where you think you are at on your Awakening Journey.  This Conversation not only speaks to our human nature, but also to our Divine or True Nature, connecting directly with our Spiritual Heart and Being.  It addresses the shifts in consciousness and perspectives that spiritual Awakening experiences can reveal, and it also addresses the transformation aspects of the Awakening Journey that happen at every point of our unfoldment, and which are a universal part of the human condition and evolution.  Because the Embodiment Process and Journey is so universal, everyone listening will glean so much from it, and the potential even exists for a simultaneous activation and awakening in others.  For this reason, I feel that it is so important to share our experiences with each other as we move forward together on this journey of Awakening and Embodiment.  This continues to be a driving force for me to create the Space for this Conversation, Inquiry, and Exploration to happen within.  In this context I truly feel that we are all here to learn from each other, and deeper, I feel that our collective Listening, Sharing, Exploration, and Support for each other is actually a very important way that our own Realizations and Awakenings become more embodied, integrated, and grounded in us. 

So in this Spirit I invite you to join me in this Living Exploration and Inquiry into the Awakening and Embodiment Process in my upcoming 4 Week Tele-Course.  I invite you to share your questions, your challenges, your successes, your Wisdom, your Presence, as well as the Living Revelation of our True Nature as it occurs in and through you.  I initially entitled my satsang gatherings ‘Meetings In Being’ to communicate the potential that I saw for everyone to not only Realize and experience our True Nature, but also our inherent ability to express, communicate, and interact from It.  I offer this Course as the Space for this potential to further unfold in, however that will look for you in the moment.  Although the course will follow a certain form and structure, I am always open to whatever arises whether it relates to the topic or not.  Everyone’s sharing deepens the Space and Exploration for everyone else, regardless of where you feel you are at, so don’t feel that your experience or your level of unfoldment won’t be relevant.  Every time I connect with people I am continually amazed at the universal nature of both our human and Transcendent experiences, and how supportive this kind of sharing is for both ourselves and for others.  I believe that this is an important type of Service we can offer each other, and is itself an outpouring of the Wisdom and Compassion of our deepest Nature.

As the content of this Course will continue to evolve and refine right up to and during the event, you would do me a great service if you would share with me some specific issues that you’d like me to address in this course, if you intend to be part of the course or not, and I will try my best to address them.  It’s my intention to make my offerings the most helpful, functional, and useful for people, and my experience has repeatedly shown that any question, issue, challenge, or sticking point that you may have is much more universal and will be much more helpful to others than you may think.  Finally, it’s my intention is to make this course as available to people as possible, so if finances are an issue for you, scholarships and payment plans are available.  To be as clear as I can be, if you would like to be part of this course, then it will happen, just drop me a note.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to meet and connect with people this way, and look forward to being with you in this course and seeing where this Living Inquiry and Exploration will take us. 

Wishing you all the best on your Journey and Unfoldment.

With Love and Blessings