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Awaken to your True Nature
Meetings in Being are gatherings in Non-dual Presence inviting people to explore, inquire into, and directly experience our True Nature, right now.  You're invited to let go of your searching and struggling for even a moment, and to simply notice the Awake, Still, Consciousness & Presence that's always, already here.  Once this is recognized, people are invited to continue to abide in this simplicity, and allow everything in their experience to be embraced, allowed, and saturated by this Loving Presence.

Greg shares the timeless wisdom of Self Realization, Non-Duality, and freedom from suffering in a succinct and direct way, offering spontaneous and intuitive pointers to our True Nature, as well as integrating teachings from various spiritual traditions.  Words and Silence are offered as invitations for people to notice what is already aware prior to thought and feeling, and to rest in the Presence of this formless Beingness.  Greg meets people exactly where they are at, and welcomes each inquiry, experience, and challenge as an invitation for our Consciousness to return back to its natural, unbounded state of openness, peace, and joy.

Beyond spiritual Awakening, Greg loves to explore the ever deepening process of integrating and embodying our deepest spiritual realizations into our everyday lives and relationships.  One of his greatest joys is connecting with people whose spiritual awakening process is already unfolding, and supporting them in the often unique set of experiences, issues, and challenges that can occur as one steps into awakened living and relating.

What is True Nature?
Our True Nature is one undivided Wholeness which simultaneously embraces and transcends all things.  The direct, felt experience of the Unity with all things is a realization that comes from a fundamental shift in our sense of self, where we experience ourselves as unbounded and unlocalized Consciousness.  This recognition reveals that our identity isn't bound within the individual mind and body, but instead exists as an infinite Field of Consciousness & living Presence. 

This Awakening reveals that Consciousness is also the essential nature of all forms and phenomena, simultaneously existing as Absolute, formless Nothingness, and the alive 'substance-less substance' that energetically enlivens the entire Universe.  An deep intimacy with What Is eventually unfolds which is beyond all description and experience, prior even to Consciousness and the sense of 'I Am'.  In this Space, all sense of separation and identity is drawn back into its Absolute, Unborn Source.  From this Source, an infinite wellspring of Wisdom, Peace, Compassion, and Loving Presence spontaneously flows out into the world.
Although our True Nature is often spoken about, it can never be fully communicated or understood through words, only directly realized and experienced as our True sense of Being.  Whatever is said about our True Nature never completely grasps it, which is why sages throughout time have pointed to our deepest Nature through negation, often using such words as Non-duality or Advatia, which translates as 'not two'.  Its from this space of Unity that awakened living and relating naturally unfolds.

Everyone who realizes their True Nature has their own unique way of expressing and experiencing this wordless Truth and Wholeness.  Some of the ways this Realization can be expressed is through Silence, words, poetry, dance, music, art, service, healing, devotion, love, or simply through our way of Being and relating in the world.  When we know ourselves as that One, Singular Essence, its infinite intelligence spontaneously expresses itself through our divine uniqueness in an endless number of creative ways.
Meeting in Satsang
The word 'satsang' is a Sanskrit word which means 'association in Truth' and is a place where inquiries into our True Nature can be addressed, explored, and directly experienced.  At its deepest essence, Satsang is abiding and interacting in the direct experience of our True Nature.  Meetings in Being are this invitation for everyone present to awaken, rest as, and express their True Nature in their own unique way.  People's inquiries, challenges, and direct experiences are all met with a compassionate and supportive understanding of both the simplicity of this invitation, as well as its challenges. 

Greg's intention is to meet people exactly where they happen to be at in this moment, and to engage their experience in a way that's meaningful to their unique life situation, and the spiritual path that they are (or aren't) currently on.  Beyond questions, inquires, and dialogue, there is also an invitation for Being to express Itself through whoever is present.  The recognition of this potential for Being to express and relate to Itself as us is where the name 'Meetings in Being' initially arose from.