Meetings In Being - Satsang Meditation & Inquiry with Greg Marian
Private Satsang/Coaching Sessions

Greg offers private Satsang & Awakening Coaching sessions for those who who would like to explore, inquire, and deepen in their unfoldment in a more individualized and focused way.  This can give people the opportunity to receive individualized guidance based upon their unique history, as well as
the chance to explore areas that need deep healing.  The sessions can also serve to help implement embodiment and clearing techniques, develop focus in one's life purpose, and discover ways of bringing more creativity and aliveness into one's life and relationships.  The sessions are always informed by the intention and direction of the individual, and the inquiries, experiences, or situations which they bring to the session.. 
The intention that Greg brings to the sessions is to always remain open to the immediacy of accessing our True Nature in every moment.  Within this space and intention, he offers a deep openness and sense of welcoming to whatever wants to arise.  All experiences, situations, and questions are welcomed with unconditional acceptance and are all regarded as portals into the deepening of our awakening and our complete healing.

Greg balances clarity and discernment of the landscape of spiritual awakening experiences, with a compassionate understanding of the sometimes disorientating and painful process that can exist when intense emotions emerge into our awareness to be let go of and healed.  Although this process is moving towards a place of more harmony, peace, ease, and a more integrated way of Being in the world, it can sometimes make us feel quite overwhelmed and alone while it is occurring.  A private session can be a place to find some solace and understanding on your spiritual journey, an opportunity to find some clarity and orientation on your unfoldment, or to simply feel that you are not alone in your process. 

Private Satsang & Awakening Coaching sessions are 90 min in length and a sliding scale is available.  Sessions are offered both in person or by phone.  Feel free to email for more information or to arrange a session.