Meetings In Being - Satsang Meditation & Open Inquiry with Greg Marian
Private Satsang Sessions

Greg offers private Satsang / Awakening Coaching sessions for those who who wish to explore, inquire, and deepen in their unfoldment in a more individualized and focused way.  This can give people the opportunity to receive specific guidance relevant to their unique history, as well as the chance to explore more sensitive areas of one's life.  Private sessions can also be an opportunity to develop or clarify one's meditation/inquiry practice, and to explore the unique challenges that can arise as one embodies their spiritual realizations in their everyday lives and relationships. 

The sessions are intuitively guided by each person's inquiries, questions, challenges, and curiosities.  All that arises is welcomed and held in Presence, as is the invitation to notice the availability of our True Nature in every moment.  Within this space and intention, Greg offers a deep openness and availability to all experiences, situations, and questions that arise and want to be explored and unwound.  He connects with people in a gentle and heartfelt way, and welcomes everything that arises with an unconditional acceptance, recognizing it all to be an opportunity to deepen in our awakening, integration, and healing. 

Greg balances a clarity of the Spiritual Awakening/Embodiment process with a compassionate understanding of the challenging emotional experiences that can arise when our conditioned patterns arise to be embraced and let go of.  Although the awakening process is moving towards a place of harmony, peace, freedom, and a more integrated way of Being in the world, it can sometimes make us feel overwhelmed and alone while we are going through it. 

A private session can be a place to find some solace and understanding on your spiritual unfoldment, an opportunity to find some context and orientation, or to simply feel that you are not alone in your process.  Many people approach sessions without a specific question or focus, and these open ended explorations tend to be incredibly rich, and are naturally guided towards whatever is in need of attention and love.

Private Satsang / Awakening Coaching sessions are 90 min in length and offered on a sliding scale of $80-120 CAN.  Feel free to contact Greg for more information or to arrange a session.  Sessions are offered in person when available or by phone/skype.