Meetings In Being - Satsang Meditation & Open Inquiry with Greg Marian
Dana is the practice of Generosity, and is the primary way that Spiritual Teachings have traditionally been offered and supported in many cultures.  Although Greg offers his satsangs, retreats, and private sessions with a suggested donation, no one is ever turned away because of a lack of funds.  Your donations help support Greg to continue sharing his offerings as openly and freely as he does, and help others to benefit from his offerings who don't have the financial means.  Your generosity and support is always greatly appreciated, regardless of the amount. 

Donations by e-transfer are the preferred method to receive payment, and are gratefully accepted at  You can also offer a donation through Paypal or with a credit card by clicking on the Donate button below.  You are welcome to make donations for private sessions, Tele-Satsangs, and online courses and events from this page.  Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and loving support.