Meetings In Being - Satsang Meditation & Open Inquiry with Greg Marian
About Greg

"The only prerequisite for spiritual awakening is an innocent curiosity, and the  openness to recognize that what we are seeking for is always already here".                   
                                                                                                       ~ Greg Marian                                     
Greg Marian is a contemporary Satsang teacher that shares the direct path to spiritual awakening, and the timeless wisdom of Non-Duality, Self Realization, and freedom from suffering.  After a series of ever deepening spiritual awakenings was set into motion, he responded to the many invitations to offer the Space for deep spiritual inquiry, and has been offering Satsang and Meditation gatherings and retreats since 2008.  His spontaneous words and guidance are an invitation to come into Remembrance of our Essential Reality as it already is, and he invites people to simply rest and abide as Non-dual Awareness-Presence in this very moment.  He also invites the living exploration of how this realization is integrated and embodied into our everyday lives and our ways being and relating. 

Greg shares the timeless wisdom of Non-Duality and the direct approach to Inquiry, Realization, and Liberation in a simple and straightforward way.  Rather than coming from a specific perspective or teaching, Greg's intention is to simply help facilitate people in directly recognizing their True Nature, and to discover a deeper sense of freedom and peace in their lives.  In service of this, he offers a vast openness and availability to be with whatever arises for people, as well as offering a context and framework to people within whichever psycho-spiritual framework they find useful.  One of Greg's unique gifts is that he brings a seamless integration of the traditional Non-dual spiritual wisdom with contemporary insights from psychology and mind-body medicine in a simple and approachable way.  An eclectic synthesis of spiritual insight and gritty life experience is offered to help bring clarity to the spiritual awakening process, and to help support people in integrating and embodying their deepest Realizations into their everyday life and relationships. 

Greg's spiritual path and exploration was broad in scope, always guided by what was deeply alive for him in the moment.  Besides well over a decade of committed meditation practice, studying various spiritual teachings, and over 15 years of deep inner work within various psychotherapies, resting places along his spiritual path included Zen and various other schools of Buddhism, traditional Raja Yoga, and the teachings of Advaita Vedanta.  The most profound influence in his unfoldment however was the time spent in the Presence of several contemporary spiritual teachers.  A deep gratitude and love is especially felt for the teachings of Adyashanti, whose clarity and insight continue to be a guiding light and inspiration for him.  Greg has also been profoundly influenced by the teachings of Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Eckhart Tolle, Lorn & Lucia Hoff, Jeannie Zandi, the Buddha, and Christ.

Greg has a degree in psychology, a massage therapy diploma, and over 15 years experience working as a counselor, awakening coach, massage therapist, and energy worker.  He offers open satsangs, private sessions, online programs, and weekend retreats across Canada and the US.