Meetings In Being - Satsang Meditation & Inquiry with Greg Marian
About Greg

"The only prerequisite for spiritual awakening is an innocent curiosity and openness that it can be this simple"
                 ~ Gregory Jade Marian

After a series of ever deepening spiritual awakenings was set into motion, Greg Marian has offered the space for deep spiritual inquiry and the exploration of our True Nature since 2008.  His spontaneous words and guidance called forth in the moment are an invitation to come into remembrance of our Essential Reality as it already is, and he invites people to simply rest and abide as Non-dual Presence.  He also invites the ongoing exploration of integrating and embodying our realizations into our normal lives and relationships.  He warmly welcomes everyone and everything that arises into the eternal moment of Now as a portal to deepen in the experience of our True Nature, and as an invitation to more fully open to life's challenges and contractions. 
Greg shares the timeless wisdom of Non-Duality in a very simple and direct way, inviting everyone into the realization of our True Nature just as they are.  He offers refreshingly unique and intuitive pointers, as well as integrating teachings from various Eastern and Western traditions.  He brings an eclectic synthesis of spiritual insight and gritty life experience as a guiding light to help bring clarity to the landscape of spiritual awakening, and guidance to help integrate our spiritual realizations into our everyday lives and relationships. 

Rather than holding onto a specific perspective, Greg's intention is simply to help facilitate the direct recognition of our True Nature and bring understanding within whichever psycho-spiritual framework a person finds useful. He offers a seamless integration of Eastern spiritual wisdom with contemporary insights from western psychology in a simple and approachable way. Greg shares from his own direct experience as well as drawing upon his broad range of knowledge and practice from within several spiritual/meditative traditions, deep personal work within various psycho-spiritual modalities, and from working with people as a counselor, coach, and massage therapist.

The most powerful influence in Greg's unfoldment however was the time spent in the Presence of  many awakened beings, and he is eternally grateful for the personalized guidance that was given to him by the many spiritual teachers that he was blessed to have spent time with over the years.  A deep gratitude is especially felt for Lorne and Lucia Hoff in whose Presence a profound shift was catalyzed, and the teachings of Adyashanti, whose clarity and insight continue to be a guiding light and inspiration.  He has also been profoundly influenced by the teachings and lives of Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Eckhart Tolle, the Buddha, and Christ.

Greg has a degree in psychology, a massage therapy diploma, various other trainings in mind-body-spirit modalities, and has worked as a counselor, coach, massage therapist, and energy worker for over 15 years.  He has offered satsang, private sessions, and weekend retreats across Canada and the Northwestern USA, and lives in Victoria, Canada.


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